Leaders, here's a little question for you ...

What if ONE shift in your UNDERSTANDING could make YOUR Leadership FULFILLING, STRESS-FREE, and TIME-RICH too?


  • Are you fed up with work crises and overwhelm?
  • Do you feel unrecognised for the work you do?
  • Do you have too few good people around you?
  • And - do your best people leave?
  • Do you suffer at work - and home - because of work?
  • Are you struggling to be the leader you want to be?
  • Is your career path slower than you want?

**Less of these?**

Melanie's Story

Melanie used one of the very early activities in the program to change her life. She was feeling unsupported, not as good as others around her and she was struggling with her self-belief, which was holding her back in her career.

Despite some initial reluctance, Melanie decided to make a small effort to be kinder to herself (always work on yourself first) took one activity that took 15 minutes a day and saw herself in a completely different way, enabling her to realise her potential much more easily and much more effectively.

Being kind to herself that got her there.

She has been promoted since.

Jeff's Story

Jeff was in overwhelm. He was finishing an Open University degree. he just got promoted and had no backfill into his old role (which he was expected to support). Lockdown had just kicked in and there were four kids at home and he was about to move house.

He used just one tactic from the Kind Leader Program to be kinder to himself to solve a problem and immediately gave himself 3 hours a week back. The person he worked with on the project developed self-esteem and gained experience too. Jeff then went on to create even more time.

Kinder to him.

Kinder to others too.


The Kind Leader Program helps leaders like you maximise your performance and have plenty of time to lead a crisis-free, energised team to great success. And feel good about yourself too!

With motivated, growth-hungry team members who you have time to nurture, support and grow to acheive their potential.

Who love working for you as their leader.

Even better, you get home for dinner every night, feeling great about your work.


Peter's Story

Sandra needed help in a different way. She needed hard kindness, where it might seem unkind, and yet when a conversation needs to be had that no-one else has ever done, whilst it takes courage of a kind leader, it is of benefit to everyone.

Her leader, Peter sat her down one day and in a respectful understanding and yet focused way, provided her with guidance that no-one had ever given her before.

By being strong and still kind, Peter changed her understanding of why she struggled, and this changed her perception of herself - and her life.

Emilia's Story

It took a whole chunk of understanding for Emilia to make her challenges easier. She struggled with a couple of members of her team. It seemed they weren't on the same wavelength and Emilia simply did not know what she could do with them.

Just It was beginning to look like she would have to find a way to move them on, with one insight from the Kind Leader program, she stopped feeling a failure and took action as a true leader.

She learned how she could get the best from those different to her by one simple awareness that shifted her thinking.


  • Be kind to yourself first
  • Create time to actually lead
  • Build kind relationships
  • Leverage differences to create success together

Kind for you
Kind for your people
Kind for your organisation


There is a way forward. . .

By being kind to yourself first, you can be kind to others,
to everyone's benefit.



Be kind, appreciate yourself and take control of YOU first, then realise your true potential.


Be kinder to yourself and others and make all the time you need - for you - and your people too.


Create supportive, focused time to be kind with your people - where everyone's a winner.


Kind to you and them, work effectively together to create the valuable synergies of many.

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Here's the good news. We have you covered.

  • 24 weekly step-by-step lessons in 4 modules
  • One 5-7 minute video each week (or audio)
  • A single page worksheet each week
  • Free transcript (if you prefer to read)
  • Takes no more than one hour a week
  • Drip feed weekly
  • Regular breaks to catch up or practice more
  • Additional material to enhance your learning
  • Great value monthly subscription
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  • Module quiz


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The Kind Leader Program

What you will get. . .

  • Stress-free leadership
  • Successful results
  • Time to lead effectively
    • Motivated employees
    • Better retention
    • Great working culture

  • Career development
  • Fun & happy workplace
  • Time for work and play
The Kind Leader 4 C

The Kind Leader Program

  1. Control yourself fully - kind to you (start here!)
  2. Commit your time - kind to you and others
  3. Connect effectively - kind to you and others
  4. Collaborate and create outstanding results - kind to all

You succeed
Your people succeed
Your organisation succeeds


Martin Haworth is a leadership coach and trainer with over 40 years experience in leadership. From successfully leading his own teams for over 25 years, he now has almost 20 more years working with talented leaders all over the world. The Kind Leader Program will help more leaders than ever before, to be thrilled by the work they do, the lives they change and the legacy they leave. And for those leaders to be able to do so  with wellbeing at the centre of their kindness.

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