What if ONE shift in understanding could make leadership fulfilling, stress-free, and successful too?

As a leader. . .

  • Are you fed up with work crises and overwhelm?
  • Do you feel demotivated in the work you do?
  • Are there few good people around
  • And your best people leave?
  • Do you suffer at work - and home?
  • Is it hard to be the leader you want to be?
  • Is your career path slower than you want?
  • Is morale low (including you!)?
  • Do you deserve better?

As a business decision maker. . .

  • Are your leaders too often under pressure?
  • Is this damaging results, retention, wellbeing?
  • Making it hard to motivate and retain your best people?
  • And the culture is a bit, well, demoralised?
  • Your quality leaders are getting harder to create - and keep?
  • And you're battling to find solutions?
  • Putting the pressure on you to find a fix?

Before it all really falls apart,

the Kind Leader Program can help

  • Stress-free leadership
  • Successful results
  • Time to lead effectively
    • Motivated employees
    • Better retention
    • Great working culture

  • Career booster
  • Fun & happy workplace
  • Time for work and play

How we make the difference. . .

The Kind Leader Program helps leaders maximise their performance and have plenty of time to lead a crisis-free, energised team to great success.

And feel very good about themselves too!

They love the work they do and enjoy their leadership - helping them be fully invested in a productive career.

They have motivated, growth-hungry team members with the time to nurture, support and grow them to realise their huge potential.

So they all value working in the team too!

Leading to exceptional performances, engaged people, minimal churn.

...and great results too!

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The way forward. . .

By being kind to yourself first, you can then

be kind to others too - to everyone's benefit.

That's the Kind Leader Program


Be kind, appreciate yourself and take control of YOU first, and realise your true potential.


Be kinder to yourself and others and make all the time you need - for you - and your people too.


Create supportive, focused time to be kind with your people - where everyone's a winner.


Kind to you and them, work effectively together to leverage the synergies of all.

Remember the KIND part? 

We help by ensuring. . .

  • Leaders be kind to themselves first
  • They have more than enough time to actually lead
  • They focus on creating productive relationships
  • And bring diverse individuals together as a great team

Kind for leaders
Kind for their people
Kind for your organisation

Kind Leadership works

Four Modules

Lessons and easy worksheets

Other downloadable resources, like audios, transcripts,

extras, bonuses, book recommendations and more!

That's the Kind Leader Program

Here's how we have you covered: -

  • 24 weekly cumulative video lessons in 4 modules
  • One 5-10 minute weekly video (with audio version)
  • A single-page worksheet each week
  • Lesson transcript
  • Takes no more than one hour a week
  • Drip feed weekly
  • Regular breaks to catch up or practice more
  • Additional material to enhance learning
  • Less than a daily cup of coffee monthly subscription
  • Weekly email update
  • 'Check the learning' quiz
  • Notable successes From Week 1
  • Deep dive Masterclasses and Q&As

Here's a short video explaining what you receive as a member of the Kind Leader Program.

Click here for your sample lesson from The Kind Leader Program

The Kind Leader Program, bringing success - and smiles - all round!

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