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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Kind Leader Program is a development program which uses kindness as a common thread for leaders to maximise their performance, whilst being kind to themselves and the people around them.

There are 24 weekly lessons, in 4 modules. It is highly recommended that there are taken in order and with enough time to absorb and implement.

In each weekly lesson, the participant receives one short video (which is also available as an audio download), a workbook, which has 4-5 questions, the slides and the text of the video/audio. Everything is downloadable.

The monthly cost is £50 for eight months (there are review weeks to supplement the actual lessons). After that the participant has access to the materials for a further 4 months. There is the option for a discounted one-off purchase for £300. The contents will still be dripped.

Yes. As long as the membership payments are maintained, all materials to date can be downloaded.

8 x £50 for the full program. Less than a cup of coffee!

New leaders who want to jump the gun on years of experience. Middle managers who want to save time, be less stressed and more fulfilled, looking to progress their career.

The video takes 5-7 minutes most weeks. The worksheet and accompanying materials will almost always take less than an hour. The program is very carefully focused on minimising your time and so is almost always done as part of your normal work week.

Very aware of how easy it is to overwhelm, the review weeks allow time to catch up, go back and review that lesson you didn’t quite get and also supplement the previous 3 weeks with small amounts of additional material.

Clients can cancel at any time, and will retain access to all materials so far until the membership lapses at the end of the payment period. There is a full refund policy for 30 days after commencement of the course. Note that the program is cumulative and the foundation is a vital start. Subsequent lessons build on this foundation.

Yes! This program is scalable and any number of leaders can be enrolled with just a first name and email. We can provide data to help assess usage. Please use the contact form.

Not at this time,. They are fun experience intended to embed the material in each module.

I was a leader for over 25 years and then a leadership coach and trainer for a further 20. I do not claim to know everything. My 1-2-1 clients find my knowledge useful.