Review Time for Leaders  

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As leaders, our lives are busy enough. The work comes at us in an ever-increasing flow and it’s easy to take our eye off the ball. In fact, it’s quite surprising how we can gradually, day-by-day, month-by-month, change our behaviours in an attempt to avoid being swamped by ‘stuff’.

Such that we lose sight of what we are really there to do, which is lead our people in a kind, supportive and developing way, as well as deliver the bottom lines demanded of us.

Time to see where we are making – and can make more - time. Over the last six months . . .

  • What have you stopped doing?
  • What have you started doing?
  • What do you do more of?
  • What do you do less of?

And here’s the acid test for you. Which of these adds value to the bigger picture of your leadership? Which leaches away your performance?

When you have a better picture of how you have changed (and it may be for the better, don’t forget!). you will start to understand how you have shifted – almost imperceptibly – and what you need to revisit. What you need to reclaim. What will help your leadership be kinder to you, and to those who you lead.

  • What could you stop doing?
  • What can you start doing?
  • What can you do more of?
  • What can you do less of?

It’s a fact of life that our behaviours shift over time, and it’s vital that we notice and adjust too.

The sign of kind and successful leaders is that we have this capacity – without self-criticism or blame – as well as the vision within ourselves, to make the differences to what we do, as we go.