Finding Your Daily Successes (free download!)


Finding your Successes

When we get too deeply into our lives, we often fail to realise the impact we have. And, just like the message in 'It's a Wonderful Life', the brilliant movie back with James Stewart (I watch it every Christmas!), you are more successful thank you notice.

You are not alone! Our self-awareness is geared to what we missed doing rather than the mundane what we did. What we were successful at isn’t on our to-do list every day, so we only find the shortcomings there. And that's simply not realistic.

You are more successful every day than you think.

Download this cool one-pager and make note of just five things you have been successful with today. Remember, it's as small as helping an old lady across the street to as big as landing the contract.

Choose from the whole range of things that today, and every other day, gives you that warm glow of success.

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