3 Early Warning Signs Your Culture is Going Wrong


And you need to act fast to turn it around.

Here's the clues (solutions to follow).

😑 You are struggling to hang on to your best people.

😑 The people you have are reactive, rather than proactive.

😑 You are working the tasks, rather as a leader.

There are solutions to these issues, which are demonstrating the signs of a weakening culture, which is the start of a very rocky road.

Let's take a look. . .

πŸ‘ Become fully aware of what's going on.
➑ Acknowledge that responsibility lies with you.
πŸ‘ Ask curiosity questions of your people.
➑ Find out what they need from you and deliver.
πŸ‘ Provide challenges to your people, so they grow.
➑ Give them the support they need.
πŸ‘ Catch yourself doing things others could do.
➑ Create a timed action plan to do one thing less each week.
πŸ‘ Delegate constructively so you do less, and they develop.
➑ Even if they can't now, what needs to happen to enable the?
πŸ‘ Catch them doing things right, authentically.
➑ When things don't quite go to plan ask them what they would change.

Be kind to yourself by appreciating your own proactivity. Take small steps. Be kind to your team by appreciating all of your people too.

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