Camera On Please


Encouraging a team member to keep their camera switched on during a one-on-one Zoom call (other platforms are available!), can help facilitate better communication and strengthen the connection between you.

Here are a few strategies you can use to encourage them:

  1. Express the Importance: Start by explaining why having the camera on is valuable for the one-on-one meeting. Highlight that visual cues and non-verbal communication can enhance understanding and create a more personal and engaging conversation. Emphasize that seeing each other's facial expressions can help build trust and strengthen the connection.
  2. Request Their Help: By using the phrase ‘I need your help’, it buys into their emotional side, which makes it almost irresistible. After all, most people like to help someone who asks. It also helps to make them feel valued – which might be one of the challenges they face when they resist ‘camera on’ in the first place.
  3. Discuss the Benefits: Talk about the benefits of having cameras on during the call. Explain that it allows for better engagement, active listening, and a deeper level of connection. Visual cues can provide additional context and clarity to the conversation, leading to more effective communication and problem-solving.
  4. Lead by Example: Set the precedent by keeping your own camera on throughout the call. By demonstrating your willingness to be visually present, you create a more comfortable environment for your team member to do the same. Leading by example can have a positive influence and encourage them to follow suit.
  5. Address Concerns: If your team member expresses concerns about keeping their camera on, take the time to address them. Listen attentively and empathize with their perspective. Some common concerns might include privacy, distractions in the background, or a lack of confidence in their appearance. Offer reassurance, discuss potential solutions, and find a compromise that works for both of you. For instance, they can use virtual backgrounds or find a quiet and presentable space for the call.
  6. Highlight the Relationship Building Aspect: Emphasize that the one-on-one meeting is an opportunity to build a stronger working relationship and understanding. Having the camera on can help foster a sense of connection, trust, and collaboration, which can be beneficial for both professional and personal growth.

Remember to be understanding and respectful of their preferences.

If they have valid reasons for not keeping the camera on, such as bandwidth limitations or personal circumstances, accommodate their needs while still emphasizing the importance – and benefits - of visual communication.