The Value of Letting Go

cannot chage let go

There are things we can change or influence. There are also things we cannot.

When we spend time in the space of things we cannot change, we are either venting and showing our frustration and anger - neither of which are valuable things to waste our energies on (well, not longer than a minute or two at most!).

Or we are externalising blame for something we could do something about, but it would require us to make a significant effort to stare into something almost too challenging.

Let go of w…

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You Control Your Team Microculture

Even when your organisational culture is less than kind, supportive and encouraging, you can set your own standards and create your team microculture within an unsatisfactory world.

It might not be easy. It might require some careful navigation. And when you do this, you will remain in control of what you can control. Your people will be engaged, motivated and appreciate what they can control too - a valuable lesson for their future career.

You have to deliver the 'what' of results in this world s…

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Do. Don't Whine

Complaining is merely externalising a frustration. Much better when you take action - any action - and get into it. There is ALWAYS something you can do. It might take some finding, but when you shift perspective from what is being done to you to what you can do about it, the mood shifts.

You are back in control of what you have control over. And that's always you.

dont complain about things youre not willing to change

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Having Fun - Kind Leaders Make it Happen

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” (Dale Carnegie)

The best leaders realise that they have the opportunity to help create a culture of fun - as well as everything else a great team needs to perform.

It's an attitude. It's a confidence.

And it's a will to do all that's necessary to make the place the best place to be at.

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Finding Your Daily Successes (free download!)


Finding your Successes

When we get too deeply into our lives, we often fail to realise the impact we have. And, just like the message in 'It's a Wonderful Life', the brilliant movie back with James Stewart (I watch it every Christmas!), you are more successful thank you notice.

You are not alone! Our self-awareness is geared to what we missed doing rather than the mundane what we did. What we were successful at isn’t on our to-do list every day, so we only find the shortcomings there. And that's simply not reali…

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Jump, But Only When Ready

She watched him holding his hands out to her as he wavered on the top of the tree stump. He wanted to jump. He’d seen his brother jump. Although younger, he was tempted and yet too afraid to take the plunge to the forest floor below. That two-foot-high tree stump looks a lot higher when you are three years old.

His older brother was urging him on, teasing him to jump, just as he had done himself, and yet the smaller child wavered. Tiny white-knuckled fists gripped his mother’s fingers tightly, …

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